Founder & President, Barboo: Full steam ahead!

We screen & study films (movies, animation, documentaries, shorts) that focus on fascinating and inspiring women and girls in literature and history.

We celebrate their struggles, achievements and talents as individuals and in the cause of women’s rights and total fabulousness.

We uphold the principles of liberty, intelligence, independence of mind, honesty of thought, and reason.

Smart Girls Screen & Study Salon is as much an adult education project as it is a film society.


Prerequisite: To be eligible for membership you must support free market principles, capitalism, individual rights, private property rights.

We are pro Israel & pro USA.

Men may join the club, but its theme is “smart girls” and it is run by smart girls.

Cost: $2 per year. We run about 10 sessions per year.

Please write to us using the contact form below to enquire further.

Executive Committee

  • President & Founder: Barboo A H Marinakis
  • Honorary Secretary: Dr Anna Blainey Warner
  • Treasurer: Margaret Livingstone

Note: Only women are permitted to be on the executive committee.